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Integrated Visions

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Integrated Visions is the creative fusion between artists Michelle Penland Dodson and Bryan Dodson. Melding their passion for the fine arts with a deep understanding of cutting-edge technology, Integrated Visions crafts mesmerizing audio-visual art, immersive installations, public art, paintings, and music.


In the realm of VJing, Integrated Visions has pioneered captivating, music-infused projection spectacles, collaborating with a diverse array of artists including Melo X, Richard Devine, Carl Cox, Mark Farina, the Roots, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and Eminem.


The hallmark of their work lies in crafting expansive site-specific projection-mapped installations, turning spaces such as the anchorage of the Manhattan Bridge in DUMBO into captivating visual narratives. The Rockettes have danced in front of visual displays crafted by Integrated Visions, and their projection-mapped artwork, often in collaboration with iconic artists and brands, has been seen by millions of people. 


Integrated Visions' reach has extended to showings of their work in prestigious art institutions across the globe, including renowned names like MoMA (NYC), Akron Art Museum (Ohio), Crocker Art Museum (Sacramento), Virginia MoCA (Virginia Beach), Kajaani Art Museum (Finland), Kunsthalle Museum of Contemporary Art (Detroit), Kerava Art Museum (Finland), and Avesta Museum (Sweden).

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