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Integrated Visions

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MindBlown Toledo Refractions

Integrated Visions is a collaborative artist team made up of artists Michelle Penland Dodson and Bryan Dodson.  Integrated Visions combines a fine art training and sensibility with a ground up understanding of cutting edge technology to create immersive installations, artworks and public art.  Work by Integrated Visions has been shown in major art museums around the world including MoMA (NYC), Akron Art Museum (Ohio), Crocker Art Museum (Sacramento), Virginia MoCA (Virginia Beach), Kajaani Art Museum (Finland), Kunsthalle Museum of Contemporary Art (Detroit), Kerava Art Museum (Finland), Avesta Museum (Sweden) and the Guggenheim (NYC).

Since its founding, Integrated Visions has helped create dynamic art installations for elite brands such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Google, Tumblr, Dom Perignon, Tiffany & Co., Lionsgate Films, and Lycra. Integrated Visions was one of the first artist teams in the United States to execute a large-scale architecturally projection mapped show and has since become recognized as a leader in the field including being the first artist group credited with projection mapping in a major motion picture for their work in “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”.   Integrated Visions is especially proud of their public art works including a 90’ tall digital mural in downtown Toledo Ohio and another permanent installation featuring a painted mural that comes alive at night with projection.

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