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Michelle P. Dodson

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Michelle‘s visual works started with drawing and painting using charcoal, pastels, spray paint, airbrush, acrylics, and oils. She then started creating animations used for backgrounds in live musical performances using After Effects animation techniques and shot footage.  She then expanded into projection mapping where she used Maya and then Cinema 4D. Eventually, she started using Notch and went back to using Maya. Around this time, she also stared using Unreal Engine to create a wide range of content including vr, previz, xR virtual production environments and even content used in projection mapping. All along this time, Michelle continued to draw and paint, but a few years ago began drawing and painting mostly digitally. The technology informs her work in a way that would be impossible through any other medium. Her works in the gallery below show these digital explorations which are the culmination of years of work in multiple mediums.

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