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Michelle P. Dodson (Mapd)

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Michelle realized early on that she wanted to be an artist. After graduating Summa Cum Laude in the art school at The University of Georgia (UGA) with a BFA in drawing and painting, Michelle began collaborating with Bryan Dodson, mixing videos live (VJing) as accompaniment to musicians. In 2006, they co-created Integrated Visions Productions and later expanded their VJing work into large scale projection mapping and other immersive technologies. Going on to get an MFA, but this time in the Drama school at The University of Georgia, she studied animation, directing and lighting design. Since co-founding IVP as Creative Director, Michelle had a lead hand in the content-side of their work including high-profile projects such as the Saks Fifth Avenue Holiday show and projection mapping in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. She not only directed a lot of the visual content, but had a very hands on approach creating a lot of the animation and design herself.


In 2020, along with Bryan Dodson and a small group of other people, she confounded Choreografx. Here, Michelle is the Executive Creative Director and leads the visual look of their brand and has a hands on approach to the visual content in a similar way as with Integrated Visions Productions. Choreografx continues the immersive and large scale projection mapping type work like Integrated Visions Productions, but also ventured into the bleeding edge world of xR virtual production for film and television. 

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