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"A Working Life" Framed Projection Art Collaboration with Olek

“A Working Life” by Olek and Michelle P. Dodson

Duration: 3:13 Digital Projection, Wooden Frame

Projected Light and crochet share many qualities that may not be immediately apparent. Both mediums share an ephemeral nature that has become integral to the meaning of this work. The ephemeral nature of both mediums of light and crochet symbolize the impermanent nature of all things and the liberation of attachment. To create the projected content for this installation, Olek spent countless hours producing crocheted elements that were then destroyed as they were unraveled knot by knot, a process which Michelle painstakingly captured frame by frame via stop motion photography. The millions of resulting frames were re-combined then projection mapped onto the installation. This process of creation through destruction mimics the universe’s own creation process where everything is in a constant state of flux. The labor intensive creative process for this work symbolizes the labor of the artists whose work has been forgotten by history due to its ephemeral nature or because it deviated from the lineage of western fine art. It is our intention with this piece to honor and acknowledge both these artists as well as the artists who we feel helped broaden the scope of what can be art and what subjects are appropriate for art.

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