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InterContinental Miami :: Red Bull Mind Meld at Ultra Music Fest 2012

For 2012's Ultra Music Festival, Red Bull tasked Integrated Visions Productions with producing a massive projection mapped installation on the side of the iconic InterContinental Hotel adjacent to the Festival's location in Miami's Bayfront Park. The resulting projections covered approximately 20,000 square feet of the 366' tall hotel's north facade. Integrated Visions created more than 30 custom 3D animation modules, integrating cultural and extreme sports footage from the Red Bull content pool into the projections. SenovvA, the technical solutions and production company that provided gear for the recent Oscars telecast, calibrated and seamlessly blended 12 large format Barco HD projectors to create the single canvas you see in the video.

Special thanks to the InterContinental Miami for providing such an amazing canvas and playing host to the Integrated Visions crew. (

Executive Producer: Janet Smith (Red Bull North America)

Project Management: Integrated Visions Productions, LLC (

Producer and Director of Marketing/Communications: Brian Blessinger

Technical Director: Bryan Dodson Creative Director: Michelle Dodson

Media Creation:

Director/Art Direction: Bryan Dodson & Michelle Dodson

Assistant Director/Art Direction: Timothy Daust

Graphic Design/Art Direction: Darcy Reenis

..:: LIFE PATTERNS ::.. Pattern created by Kris Davidson.

Digital artwork created by Kurt Redeker of Knew Conscious. (

Animations by: Bryan Dodson Michelle Dodson Timothy Daust Michael Hussey Li Shen Michael Stone Alex Turbyfield Erin McGuire-Thompson Josh Marsh Thomas Bassett Kelly Head Tom Pritchard (DoP for VFX video asset shoot)

Projection Execution and Media Operation: SenovvA, Inc. (

Dave Taylor, Sr. Projectionist, SenovvA, Inc.

Tristan Valencia, Sr. Producer & Managing Director, SenovvA East Coast, SenovvA, Inc.

Bryan A. Edens, Producer & Director of Marketing/Communications, SenovvA, Inc.

Simon Anaya, Media Management Engineer, SenovvA, Inc.

Sean Kelly, Projectionist Nick Jaidoo, Projectionist

Edgar Olave, Global Link Group ( ROC OFF, Local Crew (

Jamie Mardis, Sidram Power (

Juancho, Production Assistant

---- Special thanks to The Intercontinental Hotel Group and Ultra Music Festival.

Soundtrack: "A Meaning" by Braille (


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