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MindBlown Toledo :: "Directions" & "Refractions" 2017

"Refractions" 2017 Integrated Visions

Directors: Michelle Dodson (IVP) and Bryan Dodson (IVP)

Glass Sculpture by: Leo Tecosky

Animation: Michelle Dodson (IVP)


"Directions" 2017 Integrated Visions and Leo Tecosky

Directors: Michelle Dodson (IVP) and Bryan Dodson (IVP)

Glass Artist: Leo Tecosky

Camera Operators: Michelle Dodson (IVP) and Bryan Dodson (IVP)

Film Shoot Producer: Rich Chychota

Editing and Post Production by Michelle Dodson (IVP) and Bryan Dodson (IVP)

Soundtrack: Rich Chychota

MindBlown Toledo :: Installation Team

Executive Produced by First Hospitality Group Inc. (

Designed and Produced by Integrated Visions Productions

Projection Mapping by Integrated Visions Productions (IVP)

Technical Direction by Robert Payne (IVP), Bryan Dodson (IVP) and Atlanta Soundworks Inc. ( (ASW inc.)

Automated Show Control by IVP and ASW Inc.

Media Servers by Christie Pandora’s Box (

Projector Calibration and Auto-alignment by Christie Mystique ( Pandora's Box and Mystique Programming by Kevin Morris (Christie Digital)

Projectors manufactured by Christie Digital

All Weather Projector Enclosure designed by VM Systems, IVP and ASW inc.

All Weather Enclosures fabricated by VM Systems and DDBUnlimited.

Installation and Engineering by Atlanta Soundworks Inc. and Integrated Visions

Atlanta Soundworks Inc.’ s team for Mindblown Toledo included Galen Boyce, Shane Boyce, Sam King, Randy Long, Elvis Pressley, and Javier Guzman


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