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DUMBO Arts Festival :: "Time Divides"

“Time Divides” by Integrated Visions was part of ‘Codex Dynamic,’ curated by Leo Kuelbs and John Ensor Parker. The massive projection mapped art piece spanned over 30,000 continuous square feet of the Manhattan Bridge anchorage and archway in DUMBO, Brooklyn, NY as part of The DUMBO Arts Festival 2012. The piece received the Festival’s Grand Prize and was recognized as Best in Show as well. Projection and media server support provided by World Stage, also the event’s main sponsor.

Artists’ Statement

Using 365 seconds to represent the 365 days in a solar year, “Time Divides” shows the underlying structure that unifies the annual seasons as understood and experienced by humanity. This is the same structure that unifies all people, animals, minerals and other assorted earth-bound lifeforms. The individual’s experience of time creates the illusion of separateness. Transcending this illusion is a path to clarity. By focusing on unity while experiencing time, life takes on new meaning.


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