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xR Dance Collaboration :: "Analog Swirls in Digital Whirls"

“Analog Swirls in Digital Whirls”

Extended Reality (xR) Dance Collaboration

We live in a world that has an increasing number of digital technologies with capabilities accelerating at remarkable speeds. Even our bodies are merging with new digital technologies. We already have some parts of our bodies however, that work more like a digital signal such as when synapses fire. Even the term ‘digital’, as in signals or data expressed as on or off, comes from the Greek word ‘digitalis’, from ‘digitus’ meaning finger or toe. Yet, our movements with our body and how we feel in in our skin is still perceived as an analog, or continual, stream of movement. In “Analog Swirls in Digital Whirls”, we experimented with layers of in-camera vfx using Extended Reality (xR) tools combined with projection and dancers to challenge and explore our physical relationship to the technology.

Overview of the project:

This project is a collaboration between Integrated Visions, Choreografx Studios, Lauren Beirne Dance Works and Currency Audio (Rajeev Maddela) using Disguise xR to create a dance video about the merging of humans and technology. Analog Swirls in Digital Whirls, directed by Michelle Penland Dodson and choreographed by Lauren Beirne, was shot using xR virtual sets and special effects captured in the camera during the shoot. Using xR, the special effects can be seen on set by the director, camera operator, and talent in real-time. All shots are reviewed immediately following each shoot without needing a lengthy postproduction process. Throughout a shoot day, the entire team can be confident they are getting the shots they need to fulfill the director’s vision.


Production Company: Choreografx Studios and Integrated Visions Productions

Production Design: Integrated Visions Productions

Creative Direction: Michelle Penland Dodson

Notch Designer: Bryan Dodson, Ted Pallas from Savages, and Michelle Penland Dodson

Music: Currency

Video Director: Michelle Penland Dodson

Video Producers: Choreograf Studios and Lauren Beirne Dance Works

Animator: Bryan Dodson, Ted Savages, and Michelle Penland Dodson

Equipment Vendor: Choreograf Studios, Blacktrax provided by Visional Productions, Stype Redspy provided by Stype

Media Server: Disguise GX2

Dancers: Bonnie Bushnell, Kristina Alexandria Bermudez and Ashley Chavonne


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